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IMPACT Coaching for Leadership Development

When your managers are more effective, your teams are happier, more engaged and productive. Yet, most new managers lack the skills required to be a phenomenal leader.

Our proven IMPACT model guides new team leaders through the six stages of effective management, taking them from floundering to thriving.

THRIVE – ADHD Coaching to unlock your brilliance 

ADHD coaching helps you understand yourself better, access your strengths and be at your best.

Our THRIVE coaching program gives you the tools you need to take you from overwhelmed to outstanding so you can let your brilliance shine.



“Lucy brings such a wonderful mix of skills to her role as a coach and I can certainly vouch for her calm listening skills and natural energy and enthusiasm with people. We have had remarkable feedback from people in our organisation who have been coached by Lucy, and are now thinking about things in a different way and setting themselves new challenges. I highly recommend Lucy. ”   

Alison Payne, People Director at COOK Trading Ltd

How can leadership coaching & development help?

We’re here to set your leaders up for success, giving them the practical skills and the confidence to dramatically improve their performance.

The result? Happier, more engaged teams and dramatically improved output.

Our IMPACT leadership development model is a proven process that supports your leaders to burst through their limitations. This is essential for the ongoing impact of your B Corporation.

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Our work together helps you:


Provide leaders with the crucial leadership tools they need to thrive


Retain your home grown talent, removing the need for costly and time consuming recruitment processes

Reduce the amount of support new leaders need from senior management

Improve the resilience levels of leaders and their teams as well as their wellbeing


Help leaders motivate and inspire their teams more successfully, so they can make a positive impact on their organisations and the communities around them


Boost your score for your next B Impact Assessment

“Leadership coaching helps to support your leaders to help you retain talent. My
coaching packages are designed to take leaders from being managers of teams to being
strategic, confident leaders who inspire their teams and make a positive impact.” 

Lucy Chaplin, Leadership Coach

Leadership Development Questions

Get your managers thinking like high impact leaders


Download these 20 questions to help your leaders develop their independent thinking and increase their resilience and confidence.

Working With Lucy Chaplin Coaching

Doing good is an inside job, which means your teams need to be operating at their best for you
to make the most positive impact.

We’re here to help you get the very best out of your teams through IMPACT-driven leadership or THRIVE ADHD coaching.
We understand your unique challenges as a B Corp SME, and are proud of our track record in
helping organisations like yours thrive from the inside out.

Amplifying IMPACT:


Something to smile about!

Serving up B Corp insights and top tips to help leaders make an impact and be a force for good.

We promise at least one thing to smile about, a spark of inspiration and some actionable tips to help leaders be at their best.

I’m devoted to helping you develop your leadership skills, building on your strengths and reflecting and learning in growth areas.

Coaching for Individuals

Helping you build on your strengths, knowledge and experience so that you can inspire others and make an impact in your company, your community and the world.

B Corps

Supporting leaders in B Corps so that organisations can retain and develop talent, helping their business grow and be a force for good.

Free Resource Available To Download

20 Questions to help your leaders develop their independent thinking and increase their resilience and confidence.


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